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ur Company and Team are experts in product & brand distribution.  PC Prism specifically specialize in the Technology Industry. We bring brand awareness for technology orientated companies to the North American market. We utilize our  sophisticated distribution channels, by introducing & exposing brands to our ever growing clientele network.
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Our dedicated support team is setup for all our distribution clients and their brands to position them for success. Our teams create professional websites, social media channels and product listings for brand awareness through our distribution network. This service allows our clients to have a reputable and trustworthy presence within the North American market. This allows their customers to learn to grow and trust in their product brands and customer support needs. Our team does all the heavy lifting to ensure all our distributed brands are taken care of in every aspect. Our clients do not need to worry about displaying a professional look, as we make sure that is all taken care of in a professional and timely manner through our extensive marketing strategies!

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